Harness the Power of 3 to Inspire, Achieve and Lead!

From her unique perspective as a former federal official in NASA and DHHS, a consultant to industry and the government as well as an academic, Dr Mark provides insights into the critical elements necessary to be an effective leader. In her workshop, she guides her participants through the complex network of policy, politics and leadership by highlighting personal experiences and encouraging participants to practice their skills with current controversial issues

Dr. Mark helps participants define their leadership styles using their own core values to serve as cornerstones for leadership development. Through the use of a NASA DVD, she enlightens audiences on how leadership can be used to incite fear or inspire confident action.

Dr. Mark created and chaired the National Task Force on Mentoring and a national leadership conference. She also oversaw the National Centers in Leadership in Academic Medicine. Through humor and honesty about her own journey, Dr. Mark shares her insights and guidance to foster career development in a challenging environment. Senior executives and officials in the government, military, academia and industry have come away with a renewed sense of their own beliefs and lessons to share with colleagues.

Dr. Mark uses the Power of 3 – the magic of three items, thoughts and ideas found in everyday life as a tool to navigate the corridors of success.